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Welcome to the Pagan Paradigm, the Occult Unbound. A unique on-line magazine with aspirations to go to hard print.

This online magazine will be like no others. Here at Pagan Paradigm, we will strive to bring researched articles and not just simply opinion pieces, that is not to say we will not have opinion pieces.

We will stretch the PC line until it breaks with truths, history and actuality. This is not your fluffy resource of feel good warmth. We aim to shake you up and make you think.

Our writers and contributors are some of the finest that we have gathered from around the world with an incredible background in teaching, the occult and writing.

Pagan Paradigm will cover current news, ancient philosophies, teachings, alchemy, travel, book reviews and interviews that will update twice a month.

Our editor and one of our writers, Provnent Llyr, will be working hard to help bring the best of the best to our readers. On the 5th and 18th of each month, we will update the site with brand new articles. We are currently working on a calendar of topics. Each edition of the Pagan Paradigm will be kept within that realm of the topic on the calendar.

We are up!!! Sort of!!!